Teacher on blue days, businesswoman on red

Math teacher JoAnn Brenner owns walker banner company.


Mrs. Brenner and her family display a few of the walker banners her company has designed.

JoAnn Brenner is more than just an ordinary math teacher, she’s a businesswoman, too.

She spends blue days teaching Geometry B and Algebra Trigonometry, and red days running a business with her husband. 

The business consists of making and designing banners that go on walkers with custom photos. Walker Bannerz is the company name, and it is run in an office in Creve Coeur. Walker Bannerz started online, but now it has spread to many nursing homes in the area. This idea all started when Brenner’s father in law was told he needed to start using a walker. 

“Why does this have to be a sad change?” Brenner thought. 

Brenner said this sparked the idea of Walker Bannerz. She said the beginning of this business was a very stressful time for her and her husband financially, but the partners have officially gotten past the financial part and now have a settled business.

Brenner wasn’t just satisfied with being a businesswoman, so she went back to school to become a teacher. Since Brenner’s high school years, she said her own high school teachers have inspired her to be a teacher. Brenner wanted to be a history teacher, but she found out the quickest way she could get back in a classroom to help students was to be a math teacher. Although teaching is sometimes a workload, Brenner loves teaching kids and being able to tell them “it will be ok.” 

Since Brenner only teaches on blue days, she doesn’t have her own classroom, so she pushes around a cart with all of her stuff on it everywhere she goes. When teaching, she borrows Ryan Evers’ classroom, and her Ac. Lab is in the math computer lab, welcome for all students in need for help or just a place to go. 

“Mrs. Brenner is one of my favorite teachers, she builds strong relationships with her students, and tells the best stories that engage us all in class,” said junior Avery Britz, one of Brenner’s Algebra Trig students. 

Along with her great business skills, Brenner has a unique talent in the classroom. She enables her students to reach their full potential by being there for them in any way they need. Being only part-time, Brenner and her students can sometimes run into complications, but she never gives up when it comes to helping a student in need. 

“We have shared many of life’s challenges and victories with each other,” said Brenner’s colleague, Anne Erehart. 

If anyone is interested in purchasing a walker banner from Brenner, you can visit her website, https://www.gzrgear.com/.