Trying the infamous chicken sandwich

Popeyes’ spicy chicken sandwich rivals Chick-Fil-A


Anthony Plaster

Entertainment writer Carson Plaster opens the infamous Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich.

Popeyes’ chicken sandwich has been trending on the internet with videos of the sandwich being eaten, memes, and even a stabbing. 

After hearing constantly about how, “you need to try the sandwich” and, “have you tried the Popeyes spicy chicken sandwich?” I finally decided it was time to try the sandwich. On Nov. 11, I departed for the nearest Popeyes on Manchester Road. The first thing I noticed was the 10-12 cars drive-thru line. I decided to park in a nearby parking lot because of the Popeyes lot being totally crammed. When going into the Popeyes there was a 6-person line and everyone was waiting for their orders to be taken. 

I went up to order and asked for the spicy chicken sandwich; the worker replied with “you just got the last one.” The worker gives me my food and I head to the back to indulge in the sandwich everyone’s been talking about. 

My first impressions just from looking at it were that the sandwich looked very average; It was just two buns and a thick chicken patty in the middle. I take a bite and what everyone had said about it was true. The chicken tasted very tender, and the batter that it’d been cooked in was the perfect match for the hot sauce that has been spread out over the top bun. It was a perfect spice level for me where it wasn’t overwhelming and could still taste the chicken. The bun was sweet and didn’t taste full.

On my way out I talked to an employee closing the inside part of the store. She’d told me “she had been threatened multiple times that day” and that, “I’d been told that if I don’t have their f’n chicken sandwich there would be a problem.” She wanted to display the fact that “it’s not that big of a deal it’s just a chicken sandwich, people are dying over this sandwich and I’m not trying to be the next. I have kids and a home I go home to.”