Mario madness!

The famous Nintendo game is now available on mobile platforms.


Asmira Mustafic

Freshman Ruba Ramadan passes the time during lunch by playing Mario Kart on her phone.

Many people have played video games but as gaming has evolved people can now play games on their phones or mobile devices.

One classic game has been reimagined and been released to the public on mobile devices and has become a very big success. Mario Kart Tour is a free mobile game available on IOS and Android developed by Nintendo. The game is based on classic Mario Kart games such as Mario Kart DS, Mario Kart Wii, Mario Kart 7 and 8. Mario Kart Tour was released on Sept. 25. The game has made 12 million dollars and has over 123 million users as of 10/29/19.

Freshman Adrian Reynaud said he loves to play video games and one he is hooked on at the moment is Mario Kart Tour.

“The best character in Mario Kart is Dry Bowser,” Reynaud said, ”because his kart is faster than others.”

However, Reynaud does believe that the game’s popularity is already dying down because people started playing the game too much and got tired of it. Reynaud also talked about some issues with the game.

“The game can be laggy at times which is very annoying,” he said. 

Computer Science teacher John Heath loves playing video games. Heath played NCAA Football as his first video game. Heath talks about how hard it is to program a mobile game “low time consuming” Heath said. Basically talking about how it doesn’t take that much time to make a mobile game Heath said the main difference between mobile game software and other types of gaming software is the time it takes to program the games. Heath also said he knows students spend a lot of time in classes playing video games, but he doesn’t allow video games in his classroom. 

Freshman Matthew Obenshine also plays Mario Kart Tour. Obenshine likes the game.

“I’m not that addicted to the game but it’s fun,” he said. 

And Obenshine has past experience from Mario Kart games because he has played the game on other consoles. Obenshine also likes Dry Bowser as one of his favorite characters just like Reynaud.

Obenshine said he does get distracted from homework because of Mario Kart Tour. 

“It keeps me distracted from homework,” he said