No cord, no problem!

AirPods are trending, but are they worth the spending?


Mia Hadziselimovic

Sophomore Andrew Delanty listens to music on his AirPods while working on a project in Ceramics.

You see them wearing it the hallways. Those small white things are hanging out of their ears when they are at school, the airport, and basically everywhere.  

AirPods are the talk of the town. They first came out in December of 2016 but they weren’t as popular until the second version came out in late 2017. The first version will set you back $159 and the current version is $199. AirPods are your typical wireless headphones; they connect straight to your device via Bluetooth, and, in my opinion, have really good sound quality. AirPods have basically taken over the headphone industry, but are they really worth all the hype?

English teacher Whitney Wilhelm is an AirPod user.

I like the ideas of AirPods for working out because there isn’t a cord that gets in the way, so AirPods seem to be a better option,” she said.

Junior Lauren Marcinkiewicz also is a fan of Apple’s wireless technology.

“I like AirPods because they allow me to listen to my music without having to deal with the cords on my other headphones. They are also wireless which makes it easy to connect them to my phone without having to plug any cords in,” said junior Lauren Marcinkiewicz.

A positive to AirPods is that there are no cords. They sit in your ears with no cord in the way, so they allow you to do activities without having a cord in the way. You can take them out of your case and place them in your ears and it will automatically connect to your device. 

“One negative would have to be how simple it is to lose them. I feel like it’s easy to drop them or misplace an AirPod,” said Marcinkiewicz.

However, according to Wilhelm, they can also be a huge distraction in school. 

“Unfortunately, at school, AirPods can be a way for students to hide that they are actually listening to music instead of the lesson, though, especially if they have long hair or have their hoods up,” said Wilhelm. 

While I love my AirPods, I do agree they can become a huge distraction in school, especially for teachers. AirPods can be kind of annoying for them when they are trying to teach a lesson and students are jamming out to their favorite tune instead of listening.

AirPods are overall really good headphones in my opinion. I had a really good experience with them so far. They have clear sound and I can just slip them in without having any issues. They have really great sound quality and better than regular headphones. Although, my AirPods get dirty very easily and I have to clean them one to three times a day. Another thing I don’t like about them is that I think that they are very easy to lose. Otherwise, I think they are totally worth the money.

AirPods in general cost a lot of money. Some people don’t have the money to buy real AirPods. If you don’t want to pay a lot of money or can’t afford them, then there are other companies that make cheaper wireless earbuds. Some of these other wireless earbuds are even rated higher in quality than AirPods. 

Overall, AirPods have great and bad qualities inluding great sound quality, no cords, and even when it connects to your device but they can be easy to lose and are a big distraction. 

“I think anyone who owns them needs to be prepared to be extra responsible,” said Wilhelm.