Jumpin’ Jeeps!

Jeeps are a big part of the Hale family.

September 16, 2019

Climbing obstacles at Moonlight Racing Off-Road Park, with risk, mud, and adrenaline coursing all around. This is a usual phenomenon for junior Taya Hale. 

After joining the Jeeping Mid Rivers along with her family three years ago Hale traveled all over off-roading in the most risky terrain.  

“The most popular and exciting trials we have driven are called Hell’s Revenge and Fin n’ Things, but we also go to the Southern Missouri Off Road Ranch,” said Hale. 

The names themselves may sound terrifying, but Hale has always loved the idea of off-roading in her tricked-out Jeep. She comes from a family of Jeep owners–her mother, her mother’s boyfriend, and several of her cousins own different versions of Jeep Wranglers. But, her 2016 Jeep Wrangler is her all-time favorite.

“I love my Jeep because I have added a thin blue line and stars on the grill and even have a name for it! Rubinot. I call it this because it isn’t a Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, but it off roads even better,” she said. 

This club has also presented Hale with the opportunity to travel to several unique spots such as Colorado Springs and Moab, Utah. They go somewhere new and popular every two years in a group of more than 20 vehicles.

“The trails in the destination locations are my favorites because it’s always a new, unknown rush that I get to experience in the coolest places,” Hale said. 

Hale and her family meet once a month at Brewskeez in O’Fallon to explain new trips and talk about old trips with the Club. 

Hale expressed her gratitude by saying, “my favorite part is the people because when we didn’t have a Jeep at the time or when my family was going through some changes the club took me in as one of their own. It made me feel like I had another family that will always support me on and off the jeep.” 

Hale said this Club has provided amazing experiences, gratifying understanding, and the best opportunities. 

Hale revealed, “Whenever there is an obstacle offroading or just, in general, we all get out to cheer on the person trying to overcome it.”

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