Senior’s Patriot roots run deep

Senior Diana Ramos’ mom attended South as a foreign exchange student from Mexico.


(Left) Senior Diana Ramos with her mom, Diana Salazar. (Right) Diana Salazar’s 1983 South High senior photo.

For many adults it is a joy going back to visit their high school or go to an occasional football game and relive “the glory days,” but for Diana Salazar she does more than go to an occasional football game–she goes back to the same school she attended when she was a foreign exchange student from Mexico in 1983.

Salazar’s daughter, senior Diana Ramos, attends the same high school as her mom. Salazar was a foreign exchange student from Mexico who graduated from South High 36 years ago–back in 1983. Once Salazar went back to Mexico she got married, and had a child. But not long after she found out that her husband was going to be receiving a new job that would move her family back to St. Louis. Right after they moved back Diana Ramos was born. Salazar after hearing the news that she would be coming back she described herself feeling more than happy.

“I was more than happy, I could see the family that I stayed with when I was a foreign exchange student and my best friends that I made there,” said Salazar.

During Salazar’s time at South she was involved in the National Honor Society, and was very involved in the Spanish Club. Salazar’s daughter Diana is currently a senior at South High and is a part of the swim team, soccer team, and she is also involved in Key Club.

Diana says her favorite part of South is the environment the students bring. She also said it was “interesting” that her mother came to South all those years ago from Mexico.

Salazar’s favorite memory was when she attended South was Prom.

“My favorite memory of South, being a foreign exchange student, was going to my very first American Prom,” added Salazar.

For the both of them their favorite memory they share is always talking about how big the size of South is and walking up all the stairs to the third floor.

Salazar said she felt very blessed during her time being a foreign exchange student at South High and feels very lucky to have her daughter Diana go through the same experience as her adding.

“Be grateful for small things, big things, and everything in between. Count your blessings,” said Salazar.