The Dance is on!

South to host Spring Dance on March 2


It’s happening.

The Spring Dance that Student Council attempts to put on every year has sold enough tickets. As of Feb. 22 they have sold 225 tickets. This year the event is set for March 2 from 7-10 p.m. The theme is “Sadie Hawkins.” This is where, instead of having guys ask girls, girls get the opportunity to ask guys to the dance.

While a Spring dance is guaranteed at South this year it doesn’t always take place. South has had very few Spring/Winter dances in the last decade.

Student Council Sophomore President Margo Nelson said she is excited for the Spring Dance due to last year’s cancellation.

“We understand that the Glow Dance was not successful last year because it sounded like a mixer, so this year we are changed a few things,” said Nelson.

Some of the things they changed are the theme and adding a Spirit Week for the week prior to the event.

“The theme this year a Sadie Hawkins which is where girls ask guys. We also are having the dance on a Saturday night not Friday night so it doesn’t bother student sports. We added a Spirit Week so we could get the students excited for the dance and to get the word out,” said Nelson.

Sophomore Sophia Auberry said she is also looking forward to it, but thinks the theme might keep a large amount of people from going.

“I think the ‘Sadie Hawkins’ theme is a good way to switch things up and different thing than Homecoming, but I also think this may make girls feel pressured to ask somebody making them not want to go,” said Auberry.

The Spirit Days will be the week of Feb. 25-March 2. Monday: Jersey Day, Tuesday: Twin Day, Wednesday: Meme Day, Thursday: Decades Day, Friday: Red, White, and Blue.

Nelson said she is still looking forward to the dance despite some dislike of the theme.

“It’s going to be similar to the Homecoming vibe, and will be a fun night to hang with friends,” said Nelson.

Sophomore Cole Stanley is also excited the dance is on saying.

“It’s a good time to get out with friends and have fun and participate in a school activity,” said Stanley.

Math teacher and Student Council sponsor Rachel Allender was involved in planning the dance. She encouraged others to go because tickets are at a reasonable price of only $5, and it is on a Saturday night not a Friday night so it doesn’t interfere with students sports or commitments.

Although the dance is on the majority of the school decided to go. Freshman Michael Ludwig is still contemplating going.

“I might go if some of my friends buy tickets then I will buy one, but I would rather hang with my friends out of school,” said Ludwig.

Nelson also added that tickets are still on sale in the bookstore. 

“Student Council is extending the ticket sales to Friday March 1 because we had to hit at least 180 tickets before Friday Feb. 22 so we could guarantee the dance. So if you’re thinking the dance won’t happen it is and you still have time to buy a ticket,” said Nelson.