Prop. S passes

Parkway now has $110 million to spend on improving facilities across the district


Matt Rogers

Prop. S will give South money to make many improvements to the building, including fixing the lower parking lot next to the football field.

On Nov. 6 Parkway voters overwhelmingly passed Prop. S.

Prop S was a bond issue that gave the district $110 million to use on building repairs and technology. This money will be used to repair doors, parking lots, classrooms, and air-conditioning units etc. all across Parkway.

As stated on the district website, some of this money will be used for repairs at South High. These repairs include adding new AC units in Gym C, repaving the road behind South that leads to Southwest Middle and the small parking lot near the track, new bleachers in the main gym, new sidewalks, and the list goes on. The district has also stated they are to replace worn athletic turf and running tracks at all Parkway high schools.

Lisa Marcinkiewicz, building administrator, said many of the projects will begin soon.

“I know that the vestibule project starts in 2021 and a geothermal project for South High will start as early as March 2019,”said Marcinkiewicz.

A vestibule is a two doorway entry between the outer and interior doors to a building.

However, she said this money will not go to the repairs and updates of the bathrooms.

“Bathrooms will be getting updates to some extent, but are not involved in the money of the prop S bond,” said Marcinkiewicz.

For projects at South High, sophomore Liam Smith said he just wants to see basic repairs.

“I here talk about new football fields and air conditioning units but I would just like to see problems like trashed bathrooms, dirty lunchroom, and broken stall doors resolved,” said Smith.

Sophomore Eric Boles said he is excited for the big track project to begin.

“I am very excited for the worn tracks to be repaired because as a track and cross country runner I feel it has been in bad condition for far too long,” said Boles.

Sophomore James Stone said he is happy Parkway is receiving this money because he knows the impact it will have on South.

“I am so happy to see Parkway getting the access of money to help fund the success of me and my fellow students,” he said.