Fortnite frenzy!

South students join the craze.

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Fortnite frenzy!

Sophomore Jack Abell plays Fortnite.

Sophomore Jack Abell plays Fortnite.

George Renick

Sophomore Jack Abell plays Fortnite.

George Renick

George Renick

Sophomore Jack Abell plays Fortnite.

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Fortnite Battle Royale, the extremely popular mode of the game, came out July 25 2017. 125 million people across the world have gotten on the craze over Fortnite. Fortnite’s revenue just from May 2018 was an astonishing $318 million.

Fortnite is a battle royale game which is a free-for-all game with 100 people who compete to get first. Some of the places you can land from the battle bus are Tilted Towers, Lazy Links, Greasy grove and many more options!

Science teacher Jennifer Berger had some strong opinions on Fortnite. She said she doesn’t like it at all when her son plays the game. She said she thinks it’s a violent game.

“Yes, based on the violent screams and curses coming from my son’s mouth,” she said.

She also said she thinks some kids could get addicted to the game.

“No, the obsession with it. It is an addiction it seems like.”

When asked how often her son plays fortnite she said,

“Every chance he gets, for hours.”

She also wanted to add,

“I think Fortnite should be taken down and be gone forever.”

She is one of few people who has a negative view on this game. Many students and people around the world. People like senior Max Boyer and junior Anna Sukhera love this game and play it all the time.

Places to land in Fortnite is an important part of starting out the game. Sukhera talked about her favorite place to land.

“Tilted towers because a lot of people land there you get a lot of kills and also it helps you practice your aim and building,” she said.

If you’re landing in a popular spot though you have to have a go-to gun that you can get consistent kills with.

Sukhera has a go-to gun.

“ My favorite gun is the blue tactical shotgun because it does a lot of damage, especially if you get a headshot and you can shoot it very quickly,” she said. 

Boyer, on the other hand, said he has a different favorite gun.

“I like the heavy shotgun because you can bop dudes with it,” he said

When you’re killing people left and right in Fortnite you have to make sure you have a go-to dance to show off after the kill. After your kill, you want to make sure the person you killed is embarrassed by doing a dance move and letting other players in the game know you just got a kill.

“I really like the hype dance because its a popular real-life dance called the shoot!” she said.

Boyer had a similar reason for his favorite dance.

“The Swipe is my favorite dance because it’s a dance in real life that I like to do,” he said

The most important part about Fortnite is the amount of “dubs” or wins you have.

Sukhera was proud of her stats.

“I have 50 solo, 48 duo, and 11 squad wins,” she said

Boyer did not know his individual stats.,

“In total, I have around 115 wins with 35 solo wins,” he said

Sukhera wanted to add.

“ I recommend playing Fortnite because you can get scholarships for it”

She’s right about getting scholarships for playing Fortnite. According to Business Insider, Ashland University in Ohio offers scholarships to top Fortnite players along with 66 other colleges that give scholarships for e-sports. You can get up to $4000 in scholarships for being good at games including Fortnite, Rocket League and other games.


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