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The dining room at Winslow's Home is very open and has a beautiful gold-plated tin ceiling.

The dining room at Winslow's Home is very open and has a beautiful gold-plated tin ceiling.

Hannah Esker

Hannah Esker

The dining room at Winslow's Home is very open and has a beautiful gold-plated tin ceiling.

Winslow’s Home

April 23, 2018

I’ve been searching high and low for a homey, inviting, and artisanal restaurant; I found this at Winslow’s Home located at 7213 Delmar Blvd near the Delmar Loop.

My first impressions were extremely positive. They have a patio, opening May 1, that accents the old stone facade. Besides having gold plated ceilings, the inside is open and sophisticated with marble top tables and built-in bookshelves. Winslow’s Home is an all-in-one restaurant, coffee shop, bakery, market, and winery; despite the many functions of this establishment, the interior didn’t feel cluttered.

When I arrived at 7 p.m., they were scheduled to close in one hour. However, the restaurant was still packed, and there was a 20 minute wait. Once we were seated by a friendly host and our order was taken by our waiter, my friend Mercedes and I were able to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and coffee shop music.

Winslow’s Home has a seasonal, rotating menu. Even though the list of core food items is short, daily specials are unique everyday. My friend and I began with dessert; I ordered a lemon bar ($2) and a cappuccino ($3.50) and she ordered a large chocolate chip cookie ($2). Mine was delicious; the bar was tart and thick with a crumbly crust, and the cappuccino was robust with a large layer of foam.

Following dessert, we ordered entrees. I ordered the brisket sandwich costing $14. Served with thin, crispy kettle chips, the brisket came on a brioche bun with brie cheese and a horseradish mayo. The meat was well cooked and went great with the fresh bread. My only critique would be that the sandwich was dry and needed some more mayo or an additional sauce like barbeque sauce. Mercedes ordered chicken pot pie with a side of steak fries. The pot pie was served in a handled soup bowl and the top was covered with flaky crust. The inside was like a thick chicken noodle soup with juicy chicken and crisp carrots and celery. Both were piping hot when they arrived at the table.

Starting May 1, Winslow’s Home will have extended hours, 8 a.m.-10 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday, to better serve summertime quests on the patio. Additionally, breakfast is served every weekday, and brunch is served on Saturday and Sunday.

I had a wonderful time at Winslow’s Home. The food was made well and the staff was friendly, but my favorite aspect of the visit was the ambiance created by the furniture and multifunctionality of the interior. I could see myself returning with study material and spending an afternoon on the patio drinking coffee. This stylish, old-looking restaurant is exactly the establishment I have been looking for. I highly recommend this to anyone looking for a relaxing brunch or a dinner with friends.

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