Another year, another dance canceled

Stuco cancels Glow Dance due to lack of interest


Senior Taylor Ingram shows off her dance moves at the 2009 winter dance. This year’s dance has been canceled due to lack of interest.

The Glow Dance, originally scheduled for March 10, was canceled again.

Every year at South High the Student Council attempts to put on a winter dance. Some years it is planned to be a King of Hearts where girls ask guys to the dance, but this year they chose the theme of having a glow dance with black lights in the gymnasium.

But for some reason almost every year the dance is canceled because of lack of interest. This year only 20 tickets were sold.

Freshman class president Margo Nelson said the Student Council chose a glow dance theme because they thought it would be more fun and lay back.

“Stuco thought that more people would have liked the theme of the glow dance because it would be a more casual dance where people do not have to dress up or spend a ton of money,” said Nelson

But freshman Madison Price feels that girls like the idea of getting their nails done and picking out their dress, and a formal dance would have been more popular.

“ It does not sound very fun since no one is getting their nails done or shopping since Stuco said it was ‘gym attire’,” said Price.

Price also added that she feels the school does not promote it as a big thing here at South.

“We don’t treat it as a big deal and if we hear that ‘it’s not a big deal’ or ‘no one ever goes’ then no one is going to buy a ticket which will just cancel it again,” said Price.  

Stuco and Winter Dance coordinator Laura Eckelkamp said she thinks more initial student involvement is needed for ticket sales to go up.

“This is something that has not happened consistently in the past. In order for there to be a large number of ticket sales it takes a large group of students to buy in first so that others feel comfortable buying tickets,” said Eckelkamp.  

However South’s lack of interest in a winter dance stands in contrast to Parkway West and Central. Parkway West High School always has a Winter Dance. This year the dance was held on Feb. 23. Dance coordinator Denise Heinle said the dance theme changes between a Glow Dance and a King of Hearts depending on student input. This year was a King of Hearts.

She said about 360 students attended this year’s dance, which is a low number for West. She said some students did not go because they felt they didn’t have enough time to ready for a formal dance on a Friday night.

Patriot Posse leader David Rogers said he encourages people to not go to only sports events.

“Sporting events usually have a bigger turnout for both students and staff. We have realized this trend and are trying to grow awareness on other school-related activities. We want all Parkway South students to feel involved, not excluded,” said Rogers