Boys track athletes trained to get ready for spring


Matt Rogers

Freshman track runner Eric Boles works out on South’s track to prepare for track season.

Whether it is 10 degrees outside or 70 degrees our Parkway South track runners are in full progress to start to get in shape for their 2018 spring season. Each day a group of 10 to 20 people  meet in the Upper Commons  where they warm up, stretch, and train for their track season.

“Well this all sounds nice and dandy but many people wonder “how do you push yourself when there is no coach telling you to be at practice each day,” says freshman Luke Diehl.

Diehl, said he is encouraged to go by senior Brett Davis a distance runner.

“ A senior named Brett Davis encourages me and all my friends to run with him everyday after school,” said Diehl

Junior Drew Hediger said he encourages himself to run because he wants to start off track from where right he ended off from cross country in the fall.

“ I train in order to keep myself in shape during the off season after cross country. By the time track arrives, I’ll be right where I left off and able to run the best of my ability,” said Hediger.

Others such as Davis feel that if he is to go home after school and know that others are improving isn’t good.

“ Knowing that everyone else is getting better, so I have to keep going to make myself the best I can be,” Davis said.

Hediger feels all this training is worth it because track is a very unique sport.

“ Track is a special in its ability to both being a team and individual sport. I can run my hardest in individual races and still count on my team to push me during relays,” said junior Drew Hediger.

Luke Diehl wanted to add that they are all training for different things making it more fun.

“Everyone at each practice is training for different things all the way from 200 meters (half a lap) to 3200 meters (2 miles),” said Diehl

Freshmen Luke Diehl is training for the mile.

“I am training for the mile because I have the most talent in that one,” said Diehl.

Davis also wanted to add some inspiring advice for not only a person training for a sport but trying to reach a goal.

“ It takes a lot of determination and drive to really push yourself every day with no one around,” said Davis.

Head track coach Joe Rosewell also feels this way saying training for track is important.

“I feel it’s a necessity to train so you can be the best possible when track starts,” said Rosewell.