Hitting the slopes!

Hidden Valley stays in business, which benefits South’s Ski Club


Matt Rogers

A view of the Continental Divide diamond at Hidden Valley from a skilift.

When most of you think of skiing or shredding the gnar of the snowboard you think of a cool crisp blue sky day in the rocky mountains in Vail, Colorado. Well you may not know, but right here in St. Louis, Missouri you can go skiing just 20 minutes away from Parkway South. You may not even know that we have a Ski and Snowboard club right here at South High as well.

Once a week, the club visits Hidden Valley Ski Resort in Wildwood for about 3-6 hours. They get a season pass for $160. This may seem like a lot of money, but after two visits you already start getting your money’s worth, since it costs $80 per visit when you rent skis or a snowboard.

However, some club members were worried recently because the resort was threatening to close over controversy involving a zipline they wanted to install. Neighbors initially didn’t want the zipline because they worried about potential noise it may cause.  

However, on Jan. 22, the Wildwood City Council finally voted to approve the zipline project after the facility agreed to move the lines further from houses.

Science teacher Kathy Scheff and Ski Club sponsor, said she was happy Hidden Valley did not close.

“I was excited to find out the zipline was going to be added on since I have been the sponsor for a while,” she said.

Freshman Daniel Tabaka, a Ski Club member, feels the passing of the zipline was great.

“I feel the zipline will promote Hidden Valley’s economic success, and customer satisfaction,” said Tabaka.

Even Scheff said she learned how to ski in St. Louis.

“I learned with my dad at Hidden Valley when they first opened,” she said.

Freshman Luke Diehl is also a Ski Club member who said he likes to try new things.

“My favorite part of the club is skiing because I love the opportunity to see others learn,” said Diehl.

In addition to the club members enjoying skiing and snowboarding, they are also waiting to see what new additions will bring to the experience.

“I am excited to use the zipline with my friends,” said Diehl.

Scheff said she loves when students can get together outside of school and have fun.

“The fact that the the kids get to spend time to go outside together is my favorite part,” said Scheff.