Workin’ and Dancin’

Seniors worked hard to help out their class at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater.


Chelsea Bles

Seniors Alex Linson and Chelsea Bles have some fun after their shift is over at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater. Linson and Bles were helping to direct traffic into the concert venue.

Do you like going to concerts? If you are a senior and enjoy concerts, the Hollywood Casino Amphitheater fundraiser might be for you. This fundraiser is for the senior class, working in the parking lot and the chair section before concerts. Students who volunteer can stay for a free concert. 

Michelle Bles, senior parent, is one of the main parents in charge of the fundraiser. 

“Every dollar we earn goes towards the Parkway South class of 2023 senior class celebration. This means the money either goes towards prizes or events happening at the party. When working we are in the main parking lot directing traffic or passing out chairs on the lawn,” said Bles. 

While earning money for the senior class this fundraiser can also count towards A+ hours. 

“Volunteer time can count towards A+ hours, this is a very easy way to earn hours and get the chance to see a free concert. We have struggled over the summer to find volunteers for these concerts but have made it work. But still, we made it work with fewer people by inviting parents to help out,” said Bles. 

Bles explains how much money the volunteers have raised and the struggles. 

“So far we have gotten $6000. We really should have raised more though for the number of concerts there were. For some reason, the deal of watching a free concert was not very convincing to students. So we see a lot of the same students working every time, but they have worked very hard and did not complain,” said Bles.

Makiya Mahaney, senior, worked the Lil Durk concert on April 29.

Lil Durk was the first concert of the season for Hollywood Casino Amphitheater, Mahaney explains how it was a little difficult. 

“Since it was the first concert, we ran into some problems. I was doing parking but it was very busy and a little stressful, but near the end of the shift I got the hang of what to do. I really enjoyed working it because I got to see Lil Durk perform,” said Mahaney. 

Alex Kim, senior, has also worked a few concerts. 

“I have worked two concerts so far; I had a lot of fun working them. I do parking and it’s not hard at all. The shift usually starts at four and ends at seven right when the concert starts. It’s super easy and such a great way to see a free concert,” said Kim. 

Kim explains the benefits of the concerts.

“I know that I am getting A+ hours, a free concert, and raising money for my class. It is really dope,” said Kim. 

The concerts left this season are Alice in Chains, Pointfest, and Pointergeist. This year’s concert season ends on Oct. 8.

“Please help us out if you are a senior; there are still a few more concerts and we need your help,” said Bles.